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Ukraine asks to postpone new sanctions against Russia until next Monday

New sanctions against Russia, as an ace in the hole, make it easier to negotiate with Russia and can give a new chance for peace and restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side asks to postpone new sanctions against Russia for a week – until February 16, said Foreign Minister of Poland Grzegorz Shetina in Brussels after the European Council on Foreign Relations.

"It was a request of the Ukrainian side not to impose these sanctions today: decide on the sanctions today but introduce them on Monday (February 16 – Ed.). It was hard to refuse (the Ukrainians – Ed.)," Shetina said.

He explains that the Ukrainians believe that such a move will facilitate the attempts to negotiate (with Russia – ed.) and can give a new chance."

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, if there is a chance for progress in the negotiation process, in establishing a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, it "always makes sense."

But at the same time the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry believes that the talks in Minsk "will not lead to any breakthrough or solution."

It was reported earlier that the new sanctions against Russia will be applied to 19 persons, including five Russian citizens and nine organizations.

Later, the Ukrainian government imposed new sanctions against Russia depriving 160 Russian companies of their licenses and permits allowing doing certain activities.