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Mayor of Kyiv Klitschko checks bomb shelters

The Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko checked the state of bomb and civil defense shelters in Kyiv.

Mayor of Kyiv Klitschko checks bomb shelters

The Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko inspected several shelters, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the press service of the Mayor.

"The shelters are in satisfactory condition, clean, everything works. Let's hope no one resident of Kyiv will have use them. But we need to be fully prepared. Therefore, now we are checking the state of the shelters throughout the city, learn whether the residents are informed of the shelter in their houses. Our task is to inform residents of the shelters located in their districts and houses," Klitschko said.

"In Kyiv, there are 526 objects of different types of shelters. Most of them are in satisfactory condition. Every resident of Kyiv can get information about their location on the Internet, there is published an interactive map. Inspecting shelters, we found that some were used for other purposes, there were different warehouses. Our task today is to make them comply with all the standards and be suitable for the shelter," the Mayor of Kyiv said.

According to him, the Kyiv Metropolitan was also designed as a place where people can take refuge in case of danger. "It has all the life-support systems," Klitschko said.

The Mayor also visited the checkpoint at the entrance to Kyiv in the Svyatoshinsky district.

"Today, the most important thing for us is security in the capital. And, most importantly, at the entrance to Kyiv we need to prevent the attempts to import weapons, ammunition and dangerous substances into the city. We must prevent possible provocations," Klitschko concluded.