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Angela Merkel gives Putin options: either he agrees to Poroshenko

The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel urges President Putin to make a decision. Germany will stop the U.S. if Obama wants to provide Ukraine with weapon. If Putin does not want this, he has to agree to the peace plan of Poroshenko.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is confident that at the meeting in the Normandy format in Minsk on February 11 Putin will have to make concessions and accept the peace plan of President Poroshenko approved by Germany and France. Otherwise, Germany is not going to stop the United States if it wants to give Ukraine weapon, Joinfo.ua reports referring to Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper, referring its sources, Merkel believes that Putin needs to accept the peace plan. Otherwise, not only the U.S. will arm Ukraine with lethal weapons. Merkel threatened that the EU will not prevent this, and even introduce new sanctions against Russian companies and expand the black list of people, freezing their accounts abroad.

As well, according to the Wall Street Journal, Merkel Putin said that Germany officially opposes the supply of weapons of America to Ukraine. But everything will change if the president of the Russian Federation does not accept the peace plan.

It should be recalled that a new round of negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbas will be held in Minsk on February 11. According to the West, this is the last chance to find a solution to the problem peacefully.