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Vladimir Putin suffers congenital autistic disorder

According to the study of American expert Brenda Connors, since infancy President Vladimir Putin has suffered autistic disorder, which affects all decisions made by the head of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin suffers congenital autistic disorder

However, Brenda Connors made this conclusion basing not on the results of imaging, which is simply impossible to conduct, but guided by the analysis of the movements and behavior of Putin in society, Joinfo.ua reports referring to USA Today.

According to Connors, a thorough analysis of Putin's movements confirms that he actually suffers some neurological abnormalities. As the validity of the author's statements she refers to the writings of experts on autism. For example, the study dated 2008 argues that Steven Porges, a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina, concluded that Putin suffers some form of autism, particularly Asperger's syndrome.

Porges himself recently said that he would refrain from the diagnosis of authentic disorder, but he recommends the American officials to choose quiet environment for communication with the Russian President, since he has long noticed that when dealing with large groups of people, Putin always chooses defensive position.

However, so far, the study is only a hypothesis, and to be proved Vladimir Putin must be subjected to examination.

The employees of the Pentagon inform that so far, neither Defense Minister Hagel nor his predecessors have familiarized themselves with Connors' study.