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New sanctions against Russia: U.S. to develop measures to hit big business in Russia

The White House is developing new sanctions against Russia

The U.S. government is developing new sanctions against Russia, says a source in the White House to Wall Street Journal, reports Joinfo.ua.

According to the informer, the enforcement actions will relate to certain restrictions in the field of entrepreneurship, but he did not specify what exactly the United States was preparing for Russia.

The source admits that the sanctions package will affect the Russian economy, but they are unlikely to change Putin's position regarding Ukraine. He believes that sanctions will give results after a while.

The newspaper notes that in the White House, there are many supporters of the idea of providing military assistance to Ukraine in the form of shipping U.S. lethal weapons. However, at the same time, they do not believe that Ukraine will achieve victory with the help of it.

President of the United States Barack Obama speaks against arms supply to Ukraine. In an interview with CNN last Sunday, he said that the United States would continue to seek settlement of the conflict in the Donbas by diplomatic means. "I don't think that it would be wise for the United States or the world to see an actual military conflict between the United States and Russia. But we are strengthening the borders of NATO member countries," said President of the United States.

However, most U.S. experts agree that Ukraine still needs to be provided with lethal weapon. Thus, Rick Grenell, a former National Security Spokesman said that President Putin would stop the aggression in the Donbas, if the United States helped the Ukrainian army to better identify enemy's firing points and prevent strikes on their positions.