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NATO countries to open training centers in Georgia

NATO countries are going to open its training centers in Georgia and conduct exercises in this country.

NATO countries to open training centers in Georgia

At a briefing in the Alliance organized before the meeting of Ministers of Defense on February 5 in Brussels it was reported that NATO countries would locate their training centers in Georgia, Joinfo.ua reports.

"NATO is planning to open military training centers in Georgia for NATO and partner states. It is particularly valuable, since Georgia has a unique geographical position," the representative of the military-political bloc said.

According to him, this issue will be raised at the meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission to be held in Brussels during the general meeting of Ministers of Defense.

NATO spokesperson said that the military presence of the bloc in Georgia will be minimal.

Their tasks will include preparation of exercises, receiving army men from NATO and partner countries, and logistics, so their number will be minimal, NATO states. However, it is not specified how minimal the presence of Alliance forces in the country will be.

In addition, a representative of the military bloc said that NATO exercises would be held this year. "NATO will hold exercises in Georgia this year. We will hold periodic military exercises in Georgia as part of our cooperation with that country next year," he said.

It should be noted that Georgia is a country that has suffered from the aggression of Russia in 2008. At the moment, 20% of the country (South Ossetia and Abkhazia) are occupied by the Russian troops.