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When war in Ukraine ends: Vanga’s new prediction decrypted

People always want to know the future in advance, especially when it comes to such important issues as war. As it turned out, the Bulgarian pythoness Vanga foresaw this conflict and gave the answer back in the last century.

So far, politicians can not answer the question when the war in Ukraine will be over. Therefore, the majority of ordinary people try to look into the future with the help of mystics, and ask fortune-tellers and soothsayers when the long-awaited peace in Ukraine will come.

It turned out that famous Bulgarian prophetess Vanga, whose prophecies have already been quoted in connection with the situation in the Donbas, knew much more about the future of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. New decryptions of her predictions indicate that in the 60's Vanga said that "a dwarf with black face" would start a war in Ukraine but it would continue in Russia.

"Russia will have a civil war, and it will be started by ordinary people, robbed by their rulers."

According to Vanga's predictions, it will happen in 2015 – at that time hostilities in Ukraine will end. Incidentally, it coincides with many other predictions saying that 2015 will be a watershed for Ukraine, 2015 will bring prosperity. In Russia, people will win too, and the ringleaders will have to forfeit. Especially, the "dwarf".

"Near the red wall on the same square, dead Vladimir will be removed and buried. Living Vladimir will be put in jail. There was a crypt, now there is a prison. And he will be kept there tied to a bed. But it will not be a bed at all, but a barrel so he could not lie on it, but sit. In order for him not to die on the iron, the barrel will be heated with gas as a pan on the stove."

Many people will be able to come to look at the prisoner for free to spit in his face, Vanga said. And even the owners of expensive cars and watches, his former colleagues will throw things at him to not to be answerable to the people.