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Barroso: Western ‘anti-Russian conspiracy’ made up by Putin’s propaganda

Former European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso told about meetings with Putin and about his view on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. The European politician has no doubt about its instigator.

Barroso: Western "anti-Russian conspiracy" made up by Putin"s propaganda

Ex-President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso met with Vladimir Putin 25 times and discussed the conflict in Ukraine. And every time the politician was convinced that Putin was openly lying speaking about the situation in the Donbas.

So, Barroso says, every time President insisted that he was only a mediator between the Ukrainian authorities and the militants, but it was obvious that he was arming the separatists. Now they have more heavy weaponry than when the Malaysian Boeing was hit.

Barroso also calls Russian propaganda about the anti-Russian conspiracy an absurd fabrication. On the contrary, the EU has never catalyzed the processes in Ukraine. Kyiv has long stated its desire to join the European Union, Moscow said it did not mind, and it was Brussels who said that Ukraine was not ready. But at the very moment when in fact the Association was signed and Ukraine gained access to the European markets, the Kremlin put pressure on Yanukovych. Not a conspiracy on the part of the EU, but this very fact provoked Maidan and further growth of anti-Russian sentiment.

Now, Barroso says, between Ukraine and Russia there is a real, albeit undeclared war. And Europe must do everything so that this conflict does not spread to the entire continent.