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Saudi Arabia’s new king gives locals $ 30 billion

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz celebrated his coming to power on a grand scale - civil servants, pensioners and students were paid a reward totaling $ 30 billion.

Salman bin Abdulaziz

It was reported by foreign press with reference to Anadolu Agency.

This is not the only one order His Majesty celebrated his accession to the throne with. In addition to the remuneration, the king forgave monetary penalties of up to 500,000 Saudi riyals (approximately $ 133,000) to 500 thousand civil prisoners. In addition, the country expelled foreign prisoners and imposed a ban against them on entry into the kingdom.

By the same decree, the king allocated $ 20 billion for the construction of infrastructure projects designed to provide the population with electricity and potable water.

Literary clubs, Super League football championship clubs of Saudi Arabia, as well as First League teams were lucky too – all of them received compensation.

Also payments were received by people with disabilities, charitable foundations, associations of trade unions and other organizations.

In addition, in his Twitter, the monarch asked Allah for help to serve religion and homeland and stated that no compensation would be sufficient for his people.

The monarch's tweet was appreciated – just within two hours it was retweeted 175,000 times.