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EU receives irrefutable evidence of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

At a meeting held in Brussels, the Foreign Ministers of the EU received irrefutable proof of Russian aggression against Ukraine and Russia"s involvement in the Donbas conflict.

EU receives irrefutable evidence of Russia"s aggression against Ukraine

It is reported by Joinfo.ua with reference to the Polish news agency PAP, who received the data from their own sources.

According to the agency, a representative of the EU Military Committee showed conclusive evidence of Russia's participation in the conflict.

"The materials presented clearly show that the actions of separatists are supported by Russia. They showed that there is a big group of Russian troops close to the border with Ukraine. According to these data, Russia arms and trains the separatists," said the sources, confirming that their proofs are indisputable.

Also, according to the source, at the meeting of Foreign Ministers, Greece protested the final statement, which said that the EU would take steps concerning further restrictive measures against Russia. Greeks insisted that personal sanctions should affect only the Russians on the territory of Ukraine.

Compromise options of the statement were proposed by France and Germany.