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China begins to support Putin’s aggression with money

Nobody in the world can not even imagine, when the war in Ukraine will be over, because the Donbas has long ceased to be the place of confrontation of European interests. There unfolds a global confrontation, expert says.

China begins to support Putin"s aggression with money

American analyst and commentator Gordon Chan reviewed the military resources of Vladimir Putin, and concluded that so far they are inexhaustible. Therefore, it is impossible even to suppose when the war in Ukraine can be over. And it is not about Russia's power, it is about China.

The analyst writes that while President Putin is robbing his neighbors and annexing the territories in the Caucasus and Ukraine, China is pouring a lot of money into the Russian economy. Thus, annual consumption of Russian oil has increased by 86% and trade turnover now amounts at 93.5 billion dollars.

At the same time, the expert says, a merger of the dragon and the bear did not happen – China treats Russia as a younger brother, a needy and amenable one. No wonder the majority of economic projects such as pipeline constructions are conducted according to the Chinese script.

In fact, the analyst says, China will finance Putin's imperial projects as long as it is important to have Russia as an arena for the battle between the dollar and the yuan.