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Latvians agitate for creation of Latgale People’s Republic

According to the foreign press, pro-Russian separatists have activated in the Latgale region, Latvia.

Latvian police is conducting an inspection due to agitation for separatist idea of Latgale People's Republic in social networks.

According to Delfi, the Latvian law enforcement agencies became aware that on the social network Facebook there is posted an image of the flag with the inscription Latgale People's Republic, as well as an image map of Latvia with separated Latgale.

The Security Police notes that public dissemination of the ideas that violate the principle of territorial integrity of the country meets Russia's geopolitical interests.

Taken an increasing number of cases when the image of the Latvian flag is used in such a provocative form that does not correspond to the interests of Latvia, the Security Police urges people to report such facts.

It should be noted that Latgale is the eastern region of Latvia, which occupies a quarter of the whole country and has a high percentage of Russian population (38.9% as of 2010).