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Russia: Obama orders NASA to send asteroid on Lenin’s Mausoleum

Russian Communists are gaining senile due to the party"s age since the statements of the leaders scare even experienced psychiatrists.

Russia: Obama orders NASA to send asteroid on Lenin"s Mausoleum

According to Sergei Malinkovich, the chairman of the Central Committee of the Communists of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region and the Communists Party's deputy, the party analysts came to the conclusion that the U.S. State Department intends to send the 2004 BL86 asteroid at the Lenin's Mausoleum, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the website of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the Communists Party.

Here is the full text of this statement.

"It's quite obvious. It is known that the 160 million ton celestial body will approach the Earth closer than any other object of this size previously recorded. The White House did not want to miss its chance … It was announced that at the time of the closest asteroid's approach to the Earth, NASA experts are going to send a stream of radiation. And the purpose of this radiation is formulated very vaguely. Like, they want to take a 3-D picture… that's a lie. Our analysts understood that the United States wants to magnetize a space monster to Russia, to Moscow, to the Red Square, to the Mausoleum, a symbol of greatness and eternity of the Russian civilization!

In general, I admit, we were very concerned and even thought to ask Snowden to mess NASA's cards and codes and write a letter to the Russian Space Forces…

However, our little green friends, socialist aliens brought encouraging news. It turns out that the 2004 BL86 asteroid is a thinking being, it has long been in the intergalactic Communist Party, studying the classics of Marxism. BL86 angrily rejected the vile plans of the U.S. military; it will never cause any harm to people or the Mausoleum.

The aerospace giant thinker also ejected radical proposals… to fall on the Pentagon, because it can lead to casualties among ordinary Americans, which is unacceptable!

But it is not prohibited and is not excluded that it can pee on the White House during his majestic flight, said the asteroid's press service.

Another Obama's administration's plan is defeated before our very eyes!" Malinkovich says.

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