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Mariupol shelling to trigger new sanctions

Saturday"s events in Mariupol should make the EU and the U.S. representatives tighten new sanctions against Russia.

Mariupol shelling to trigger new sanctions

The foreign media continues to discuss Saturday's bombardment of Mariupol, which killed 30 civilians. "A missile strike against the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on Saturday should have awakened Western leaders to the seriousness of Russia's latest aggression in Ukraine," reads the American edition of The Washington Post.

"The crucial question is whether the West will now have the fortitude to respond to Mr. Putin with tangible measures of deterrence, rather than mere rhetoric. It won't be easy," journalists write, stressing that some European countries want to ease the sanctions, while Washington "insists it will act only in concert with Europe."

"At a minimum the European Union and United States should agree by Thursday to prepare deeper sanctions against the Russian economy and financial system and to set a deadline for making a decision on them. Steps should be considered against sectors that have been exempt until now, such as mining. Meanwhile, Western governments should expand and accelerate aid to the Ukrainian government, which is nearly bankrupt," The Washington Post writes.

The newspaper"s journalists insist that the U.S. should take a more proactive position regarding the suppression of Russian aggression in Ukraine. "Mr. Obama should finally give serious consideration to providing Ukraine with the defensive weapons it has been pleading for — an "option" that has strong bipartisan support in Congress. The point is not to defeat the Russian army but to deter Mr. Putin. Russians are already suffering economic privation because of his adventurism; adding the prospect of heavier casualties could alter his calculus — or his political standing," the newspaper concludes.