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Belarus to de-Russificate education

In Belarus, a country that has always been seen as a strategic and ideological partner of Russia, there started the process of de-Russification of education.

Belarus to de-Russificate education

Thus, Mikhail Zhuravkov, the head of the Ministry of Education of Belarus said that in the country there had begun educational de-Russification.

Schools will be the first to feel the new standards. The first stage of the process of de-Russification is teaching history and geography of Belarus exclusively in the State Belarusian language.

Zhuravkov also notes that given the fact that the percentage of Russian-speaking population in Belarus is very high, the innovations will be introduced gradually. The Minister notes that it is important to have the teachers who really love and have a good command of the native language to teach Belarusian students.

It is to be noted that the course of de-Russification of education coincides with the general political course of Belarus. Previously, it was reported that the President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko had started to look for international partners in the West and supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine.