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In PACE Russians officially support Savchenko’s release

During the meeting of the relevant committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the Russian delegation suddenly announced a new version of their official position - the Russians said they support the decision regarding Nadiya Savchenko' release, who is now Putin's personal hostage.

In PACE Russians officially support Savchenko"s release

Such a decision of the Russians is very surprising when we recall that even today, in the afternoon, the Russian delegation has voiced completely opposite position.

The Committee on Migration and Refugees has reviewed the draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. The Committee voted for the amendment to Jim Sheridan's authorship about the need for immediate release of Nadiya Savchenko, who was "illegally detained on the territory of Ukraine."

"Senator Igor Morozov spoke for the Russian delegation and said that it fully supports such a rule having voted for it. It is a fundamental change in the position of Russia in comparison with the one it had a few hours ago," PACE representative said.

Also, according to Ukrainian media, the change in position was confirmed by a direct participant of the Russian delegation.

However, reason for such a decision remains a mystery.