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Obama accuses Russia of firing Mariupol

U.S. President Barack Obama says Russia is responsible for the shelling of residential areas of Mariupol and escalation of tension in the Donbas.

Obama accuses Russia of firing Mariupol

U.S. President Barack Obama said the next act of Russian aggression had caused deterioration of situation in the Donbas resulting in a missile strike on Mariupol. It is reported by the American television channel Fox News, adding that 30 civilians were killed as a result of this attack.

Barack Obama spoke on the issue of the continuing hostilities in the Donbas. He laid the blame for the escalation of the conflict between the Ukrainian army and rebels supported by Russia on the Russian authorities. He made such a statement against the background of a series of deadly rocket attacks, which killed at least 30 civilians. There is no doubt that the attacks were committed by the militants, who targeted the residential neighborhoods.

"On Saturday, rocket fire slammed into a market, two schools and homes in the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, about 25 kilometers outside of the ceasefire line. Ukraine's top rebel leader said an offensive had begun on the strategically important port. Ukraine's president called an emergency meeting of his military officials and cut short a trip to Saudi Arabia to rush back to coordinate the government's response," the television story says.

Earlier, it was reported that because of shelling in Mariupol there were killed 30 people. Yesterday, Andriy Feda, the Mariupol City Council Secretary said that about 40 people were in serious condition, some lost their limbs and had severe head wounds.

Feday noted that the list of priorities includes the problem of providing heat to residential houses. Thus, according to the Secretary, the staff utilities are clearing the debris and fixing the windows, where the glass was broken as a result of the blast wave.

A part of the affected neighborhood is already connected to the power supply. If the military opens a corridor, everything will be done to ensure the delivery of heat transfers to the boiler stations.