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Activists collect money to disseat Kim Jong-un

On the Internet platform Indiegogo there was started a fund-raising for the toppling of the dictatorial regime in North Korea.

Activists collect money to disseat Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is the focus of attention among the Internet users. The international group of activists has begun to raise funds for the toppling of the North Korean leader on the Indiegogo platform. They estimate the revolution in "the reserve of Stalinism" at $ 10 million.

The activists are not going to kill Kim or hire a killer – they are going to start democratic revolution in North Korea. They plan to disseat the leader with the help of an internal network of agents, which will provide democratic propaganda in the country.

According to the initiators of the idea, there are three roadblocks to democratization in Korea. Firstly, North Korea lacks an effective communications network. Secondly, opposition movements are poorly presented. Thirdly, the local "dissidents" do not believe in the reality of revolution. However, all this can be changed, if the money collected in the DPRK is used for secret information transmission system.

If the regime of Kim Jong-un is toppled, 200,000 people will be liberated from the local labor camps.

As in any crowdfunding, investors will receive remuneration. For $10 one can get a certificate of participation in the overthrow of power, for $1,500 – lieutenancy, for 5,000 the investor will have his name included in the statute, which will be established in North Korea, and for $1,100, 000 – receive secret government information of the Koreans. 59 days are left until the end of the event.

Earlier, the world media reported that North Korea represented by its leader Kim Jong-un had created the conditions forcing its border guards to commit a crime on the territory of China.