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President Vladimir Putin blackmails Europe by gas pipeline to Turkey

Europe consider the Kremlin's claim that in three years, Russia will cut off gas supplies to the EU through Ukraine, and will supply carbon to Turkey, as blackmail. Recalling that Moscow does not have bigger gas importer, except for the European Union.

The contract is just signed, but Moscow already flaunts it and tries to use as leverage in the negotiations. That's how Christian Science Monitor's analysts see Putin's words about the construction of the Russian-Turkish pipeline.

This project is not even agreed upon. However, the Kremlin threatens the EU that in three years it will stop the supply of carbon through Ukraine. Gas will go through Turkey and Greece, and there the Europeans will have to think of how to get it.

European analysts call these words blackmail. Maroš Šefčovič, Deputy Chairman of the European Commission said that such actions were contrary to the laws of trade and economy. But it is not surprising, since within the last 10 years Russia's gas contracts have been dictated by politics not by economics. For example, the South Stream project the construction of which has been recently suspended due to its economic unreasonableness.

Moreover, the experts believe that such blackmail will hit Russia the most. Since the country will not find bigger gas importer than Europe, otherwise who it is going to sell carbon to? Moreover, in Brussels, such rhetoric will not help Russia and may play against it and trigger new sanctions.