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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine explains Europe how to impose new sanctions against Russia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine insists the new sanctions against Russia be reviewed only if it agrees to compensate Ukraine for all losses incurred after the occupation of Crimea and Donbas.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine explains Europe how to impose new sanctions against Russia

New sanctions against Russia should be reviewed only if the Kremlin formally agrees to compensate for all losses caused to Ukraine. It is stated in the position paper of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, which has been prepared for the meeting of the Council of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and sent to all EU Foreign Ministers.

"Ukraine is concerned about the ideas (in the EU) to reduce the pressure of EU sanction policy towards Russia and to continue cooperation with the Russian authorities, despite the fact that Moscow still does not accept the obligation to stop the aggression (against Ukraine)," the document states. Kyiv explains the reasons why it is impossible even to discuss the lifting of sanctions. "Moscow spreads propaganda of violence and supports terrorism in the EU… Last year in 20 decisions the EU has put forward 24 demands with regards to the Russian Federation to de-escalate the situation, secure peace and stability in Ukraine. Russia has fulfilled only four of them and continues to demonstrate complete disregard of international law," the document says.

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine warns the European Union against easing the sanctions to "negotiate with Putin." "Russia's violation of international law has led to the sanctions, and not vice versa. Therefore, the restoration of strict adherence to international law on the part of the Russian Federation should be the basis for the lifting of sanctions, and not vice versa," the Ukrainian diplomats emphasize.

"Concessions regarding sanctions will mean the EU's readiness to make concessions in the matters of compliance with international principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders … This will lead to the Donbas conflict freeze and the postponement of the Crimean problem for a long time," the Foreign Ministry argues.

Interestingly, the document focuses on the complete lifting of sanctions, which had not been seen in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry documents. "For the European Union to consider complete lifting of sanctions against Russia and return to the policy of "normal relations", it is necessary not only to end the occupation and destabilization of the Donbas and Crimea by Russian, but also Russia must agree to fully compensate all losses caused to Ukraine in accordance with internationally recognized practices," the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry insists.

Also Kyiv believes that the possibility of normalization of relations between the EU and Eurasian Union should appear only if Moscow fulfills the Minsk agreements. It is proposed to continue the discussion on this issue between Kyiv and Brussels in the course of the EU-Ukraine Summit.