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European Parliament to support Ukraine with weapon

Considering the draft resolution, the European Parliament promoted the idea of supporting Ukraine, including the provision of military assistance.

European Parliament to support Ukraine with weapon

It is stated in the resolution, endorsed today by the European Parliament at the meeting.

As noted in the document, "The European Parliament recalls that on July 16 Council of the European Union canceled an arms embargo in Ukraine and therefore does not exist any restrictions, including legal, for Member States to provide defensive weapons in Ukraine, which could would be carried out under the "Lend -Lease". The European Parliament considers that the EU should explore ways to support the Government of Ukraine to strengthen its defense and protection of their external borders based on the experience of transformation armed forces of the Member States, the former Warsaw Pact member, especially within the prescribed exercises are forces in other parts of the world; supports supply non-lethal equipment which are carried out."

In addition, the representatives of the European Parliament took into account the fact that Ukraine has abolished its non-aligned status, taken in 2010. Thus, the European Parliament has recognized the right of Ukraine to make the choices on its own. At the same time, according to the EP, the Ukrainian people must decide the fate of Ukraine and the issue of its entry into NATO at the national referendum.

It was noted earlier that the European Parliament did not dare to recognize the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR as terrorist organizations, despite the fact that some of the deputies supported this claim.