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Russia brings troops to border with Finland

By its actions the Russian army confirms that the Arctic is one of its prioritized directions.

Russia brings troops to border with Finland

The Russian army is concentrating its forces on the border with Finland. Thus, within the framework of a large-scale expansion of the Russian military bases in the north-west of the country in the Alakurtti village (Murmansk region), just 50 kilometers from the Finnish border, there was located the Arctic motorized infantry brigade of coastal defense troops of the Northern Fleet composed of 800 people, the American magazine Newsweek writes referring to the statement made by the Northern Fleet commander Admiral Vladimir Korolev.

According to Korolev, it is expected that the base will be reinforced with personnel and equipment "in a short time." It will be one of the key strongholds in the northern territories of Russia and will strengthen the country"s defense capability in the western direction and defend its territorial claims in the Arctic, the author of the article says.

Korolev says that so far, only two barracks for accommodation of the personnel are put to use. Once construction is completed, the soldiers will start combat training. On the new basis it is also planned to build 14 airports, 10 of which will be opened very soon.

According to the Defense Ministry, all military personnel located on the Finnish border, will be provided with frost-proof uniform, the newspaper notes.

The deployment of troops in the Murmansk region today fits in a statement of the Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov, who called the Arctic and Black Sea the areas of priority for Russia, the author writes.

It is assumed that in the Arctic there are rich deposits of natural resources. Russia, Canada, USA, Norway and Denmark have territorial ambitions in the region, the journalist recalls.

Over the past few months, Russia has stepped up its military projects in the north-western regions of the country, and the base in the Murmansk region is a part of these efforts, the author of writes.

Philip Breedlove, the Commander of NATO troops has already announced his plans to increase the number of military exercises in the Baltic region.