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North Korea makes its military commit crimes in China

On behalf of its leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea has created the conditions forcing its border guards to go on a crime in another state.

North Korea makes its military commit crimes in China

In the area of the border between China and North Korea there is reported a wave of violent crime. According to Bloomberg, "soldiers, including border guards" are involved in murders and robberies. They illegally cross the border on North Korea"s ice of the Tumen River into the neighboring country searching for food and money.

According to the Chinese official, in December, a North Korean soldier killed four residents of the Chinese Nanping countryside. In September a family of three people was beaten to death there because of the amount equivalent to $81. In general, over the past few years, about 20 residents of Nanping have become the victims of the North Koreans. People began to flee the area, the official added.

From the point of view of journalists, these facts can be explained by "increasing desperation" among military personnel, which is related to anti-corruption policy of Kim Jong-un. "Bribes were one of the key sources of income for these guards to survive, but after Kim Jong-un came to power and tightened controls, it became difficult for them to take bribes, thus the criminal deviations," said Kang Dong Wan, a professor of International Relations at Busan's Dong-a University in South Korea.

Yang Xuetong, Director of the Institute of International Studies at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), said that the increase in crime leads to general deterioration of relations between China and the DPRK.

It is to be recalled that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has approved a military plan of invasion of South Korea using methods of asymmetric warfare, including the use of nuclear weapons and establishment of control over the neighboring country within seven days.