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Russia to jail for mercenary

In Moscow, two people related to the recruitment of mercenaries for the war in Syria were sentenced to three years in prison.

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation intends to consider the legality of the decision on Russia's first criminal case of mercenary. Condemned directors of the private military company Slaviansky Korpus who, according to the investigation, sent the Russians to war in Syria, are trying to change the decision of the court.

The Supreme Court will investigate the activity of the Slaviansky Korpus in detail and assess whether the company"s leaders deserve real sentence. Earlier the Lefortovsky District Court of Moscow sentenced the defendants Yevgeni Sidorov and Vadim Gusev to three years' imprisonment in a penal colony. The investigation materials were classified, and hearings were held behind closed doors. According to investigators, in 2013, the defendants have recruited about 250 Russians and fraudulently sent them to fight in Syria. With reference to the members of one of these trips Russian media wrote that the militants were called to guard the objects of power in Syria for 4000 dollars a month. As a result, they received the orders to defend the Deir ez-Zor City from the rebels, and participate in hostilities.

After the first fight the group left Syria without receiving any remuneration. Yevgeni Sidorov and Vadim Gusev admitted their guilt and made a deal with the investigators, so this case was heard in a special simplified mode. If the defendants are found guilty, it will be reasonable to bring Igor Girkin, Alexander Borogai and many other Russian saboteurs who started the war in the Donbas to trial.