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Russians call terror attack in Paris payback for blasphemy

Retribution to godless West. Some Russian media and public figures describe the attack in Paris by these very words. In their opinion, this could happen only in a soulless country.

Russians call terror attack in Paris payback for blasphemy

After analyzing how the people in different countries perceive the terror attack in Paris, where the staff of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo were shot dead, The New York Times writes that in some circles in Russia the real attitude to this tragedy is significantly different from the official one.

Thus, President Putin has officially condemned the shooting and expressed willingness to continue fighting terrorism and to promote peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine, in particular. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, together with his colleagues from other countries paid the tribute to the memory of the dead on the march in Paris. However, other public figures of Russia blame the victims for their deaths.

And it"s not just about the show business representatives, whose ambiguous statements are often associated with the desire to hype themselves. The New York Times quotes Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who believes that the cartoonists provoked the attack by insulting believers.

Orthodox activist Dmitry Tsorionov (Enteo) spoke even tougher, stating that it is a fair punishment, as Charlie Hebdo insulted not only Prophet Muhammad, but also Jesus Christ. The individual publications in Russia reassured that since they do not have freedom of speech, a terrorist attack in the Russian Federation is impossible. Like, in Russia the traditional values are protected by the law, and even before Charlie Hebdo shooting in such a situation the journalists in Russia would have just arrested, and the publication would have been closed.

However, the most popular interpretation of the terror attack in the Russian media is a comparison of Charlie and the Donbas and blaming U.S. in global conspiracy. America is called the initiator of the attack on the editorial office in order to finally subdue Europe States.