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Vladimir Putin loses battle for Internet freedom restriction

Russian independent journalists note that President Vladimir Putin can not make everyone be silent in Russia anymore. The more the Kremlin tightens the screws, the more independent projects appear on the Internet.

Putin loses battle for Internet freedom restriction

The fight against freedom of speech in Russia has served the Kremlin a dirt trick, press analysts say, in particular Anna Nemtsova. While President Vladimir Putin was trying to take control of all media, the number of independent Internet projects has increased.

It happens due to the fact that public dismissals orchestrated by the Kremlin do not go unnoticed for democratic society. Readers learn about affected journalists and editors and are ready to become anonymous sponsors, other talented journalists, who are willing to work in independent media, dismiss with them in solidarity.

This happened with the online publication Lenta.ru, where 78 journalists quitted their jobs including the chief editor Galina Timchenko and journalists from Russkaya Planeta. Within a few hours, these journalists received offers from independent media.

They create web sites, internet platforms uncontrollable by the Kremlin which broadcast information without censorship. They include Kashin.guru by Oleg Kashin, Mediazona by Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina, Gruz-200 by Elena Vasilieva, and Medusa (Eng. "Jellyfish" – Ed.) launched by the exiles from Moscow in Riga.

According to Nemtsov, in fact, the Kremlin has generated not even a jellyfish but a hydra, which acts for the benefit of the freedom of speech. When one head is cut off or one project is closed and censored, ten others appear.