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Steinmeier: Meeting in “Norman format” brings no results

The meeting in the "Norman format" with representatives of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine has not shown the desired result. This was stated by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Steinmeier: Meeting in "Norman format" brings no results

The meeting in the "Norman format", which was to be held at the highest level during this week to resolve the conflict in the Donbas, did not justify the expectations. After the consultations with his colleagues from France, Russia and Ukraine, which took place in Berlin, German Foreign Minister Steinmeier said that they had not achieved any significant progress. Consensus lies only in the fact that Minsk armistice agreements remain the basis for peaceful solution of the conflict, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to the Tageshaft channel.

Yesterday, Elmar Brok, the Head of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs said that the meeting in the "Norman format" at the level of the Presidents of France, Ukraine, Russia and German Chancellor concerning the Ukrainian crisis, previously scheduled for January 15 in Astana, was postponed for "a few weeks" .

Brock also noted that he was "not optimistic, as there was no agreement reached on a significant number of points, which, indeed, could be crucial for the result." "The heads of state often gather together, but have not achieved a result the way they did in Milan," the head of the committee said.

In addition, Brock noted that strengthening control of the Ukrainian state border is now of great importance. "We see that there are 7,500 Russian soldiers in the east of Ukraine. We see that the main point of the agreement is to secure the border, because [the situation] is turning into a frozen conflict, or it may already have turned into one," he said.

Earlier, Andriy Lysenko, a spokesman of the National Security Council said that the terrorists constantly provoke Ukrainian soldiers, but the latter open fire only in response. The aim of the militants is to derail the armistice and meeting of the Heads of "Norman Four" in Astana.

"The militants want to disrupt the scheduled meeting to be held in the" Norman" format. They want to disrupt the truce and show Ukraine as an agreement breacher," the ATO spokesman said.