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Charlie Hebdo publishes new caricature of Prophet Muhammad

The cartoonists of the suffering weekly Charlie Hebdo have prepared a new issue of the magazine.

The survived journalists of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo have completed their work on the first edition after the attack.

The new cartoon is depicting Prophet Muhammad, who is holding a plate with the inscription "Je Suis Charlie" and wiping a tear. The text above the head of Muhammad says, "Everything is forgiven."

The new issue of the magazine will be released in 3 million copies while the usual circulation of the magazine is 60,000 copies. The French will be able to buy it on Wednesday.

The publication will be half thinner than usually, only 8 pages. However, it can be read in 16 world's languages.

The editorial staff will transfer the proceeds from the sales of the magazine to the bereaved families of the killed staff.

There is a lot of rush around this issue – many readers have already booked the copies of the magazine at newsstands.

It is to be recalled that the cartoonists around the world have paid tribute to fallen colleagues of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in their drawings.