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Poroshenko knows how to end war in 14 days

In an interview for French television channel France 24 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko says that the conflict in the south-eastern Ukraine can be settled in two weeks.

Poroshenko knows how to end war in 14 days

According to the Ukrainian president, the crisis in the Donbas can be resolved within two weeks, if all main provisions of the Minsk agreements are observed.

President of Ukraine believes that in order "to stop the war, it is necessary to perform the Minsk agreement signed in September."

Poroshenko said that "key elements of these agreements are the cease-fire, closure of the border, the withdrawal of all foreign troops" and stressed that when these conditions were fulfilled the situation in the conflict zone would be normalized "within two weeks".

At the same time, Poroshenko said that the crisis in the Donbas "is not only Ukrainian problem and poses a threat to the entire global security."

"The post-war system of global security, based on the permanent members of the UN Security Council, no longer works, and we have to find another way to stop terror, to stop aggression," he said.