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Spain to fence itself with Schengen border

Europeans are afraid of the terror threat, and are ready to do everything to prevent it, including the closure of borders and leaving the Schengen zone.

Jorge Fernandez Diaz, Minister of Internal Affairs of Spain was the first to publicly propose to close the border with the rest of Europe. In an interview he said that it was necessary to introduce changes to the Schengen Agreement due to the events in France.

President of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that it is not about total control, but the possibility of checking those who raises suspicions of involvement in terrorism.

His Italian colleague Paolo Gentiloni opposes Diaz. He says that if European countries refuse to free movement, they will make a great gift to several tens of terrorists. According to him, even taking into account the fact that the Schengen zone allows to freely import weapons in Europe, they can not prohibit movement.

According to the security services, today in Europe, there operate four terrorist groups who have entered the EU under the guise of refugees, and now are preparing the attacks.