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Putin preparing his “peace plan”: to turn Donbas militants into army

According to Konstantin Mashovets, an expert from the Center for Military and Political Studies, the time when militants are commanded by Motorola, drunk chieftains and various "Russian special forces veterans" by going by.

Assessing the situation and analyzing the news from the ATO zone, Konstantin Mashovets says that very soon in the so-called "NovoRossia" the "unity of command and daily routine" will be restored. That is, military experts from Russia regularly sent by President Putin will subordinate all the disembodied militant groups, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Mashovets" comment in the IS group.

"We don"t have to flatter ourselves with unfounded hopes that with the advent of spring the Ukrainian troops will face hardly controlled and disembodied independent gangs, sometimes backed by the Russian military in disguise. It is possible that by the beginning of the next active phase the so-called "Army of NovoRossia" will finally "understand the full depth of our depth," and will appear in a different light than that of today, getting rid of the definition of "so-called" and acquiring at least basic features of the military organization. Based upon the intensity of "equipping" the loyal gangs with a variety of military equipment it is that what is meant in reality as "Putin's plan for resolving the conflict."

Of course, we would like the process be slowed down as much as possible, or even frozen. But, judging by the enthusiasm the "competent services" of the Russian Federation have organizing and carrying out cleaning, as well as smooth transition from guerrilla (banditry) to the standard forms of military organization, I am afraid in the spring we will have to face not disembodied groups, but quite manageable militant groups, led by well-trained commanders," Mashovets said.