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5 Reasons for Islamists’ attack on Charlie Hebdo announced

Immigration processes in Europe and in France in particular has led to the terrorist attack in Paris. Such an opinion was expressed by the experts who have analyzed the causes of the tragedy.

5 Reasons for Islamists" attack on Charlie Hebdo announced

The conflict between the indigenous population of France and immigrants, which has brewed in the community for several years, led to what is a terrorist attack in Paris. It is to be recalled that the Charlie Hebdo editorial office was attacked by radical Islamists killing 12 people, including the chief editor of the satirical weekly.

Experts believe that such a tragedy was triggered by the immigration processes and negative reaction to them from both sides.

First of all, we are talking about a record level of so-called illegal migration. Thus, according to the EU Frontex border service, about 270 thousand people tried to enter and settle in Europe. It is referred to the people who do not have official permits.

Thus, even if the potential citizens acted according to the law, because of complexity and conservatism they could not do that – in France it takes the migrant about 14 years to obtain citizenship. This country takes the third place in Europe for the duration of expectations.

On the other hand, indigenous people feel unconfident too. Especially young people. In France, there is a very high unemployment rate, every fourth Frenchman can not find job until 30. And every third citizen believes that migrants, mostly Muslim migrants, who compete in the labor market, cause economic problems. However, it is a myth, statistics says. France does not turn into an Islamic state as many people may think – Muslims make only 7.7% of the French population rather than 30% as the French themselves think.

Meanwhile, this myth is successfully used by the radical Left Party. Anti-immigrant views are fueled by the National Front of Marine Le Pen, supported by the Kremlin. During four years of in France her support has increased from 18% to 34%. And Kadyrovites' participation in the terrorist attack in Paris allows to look at her from a quite different angle. Since this event distracts Europe's attention from Russia and Ukraine and weakens the already weak position of President Francois Hollande. His rating has already dropped to 12%.

In any case, analysts say, the attack will only aggravate the problems associated with migration in France, and it will complicate the lives of Muslims.