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Shooting in Paris continues

Shooting in Paris was recorded the second consecutive day. After yesterday's incident near the satirical magazine's editorial office, another man opened fire on police.

This morning shooting in Paris took place again. Thus, the man who opened fire this morning in the south of the city is already arrested, reports Joinfo.ua with reference to the radio station RTL.

The shots were heard in the streets of Paris around 6:06 am local time. The man opened fire on police officers. One of the police officers received a wound. According to local media, he was hospitalized and is in serious condition now.

The reasons for another attack on police are unknown. However, the French authorities do not associate this incident with the attack on the editor of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, when 12 people were shot dead. In this case, law enforcement officers arrested seven suspects.

Yesterday, January 7, in central Paris the unknown opened fire near the editorial office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, killing 12 people.

According to French media reports, one of the law enforcement officers were killed on the scene, the other one died later due to the wounds received.

In addition, seven people are wounded, four of them are in serious condition.

The terrorists, who attacked the Paris editorial office of Charlie Hebdo, have confirmed the speculation that the people were killed because of the caricature of Prophet Muhammad drawn in Charlie Hebdo's editorial office back in 2012.

The survivors of the attack stated it. Also, in the network there is a fragment of a footage made during the attack, where the words of the revenge can be heard.

"We have avenged Prophet Muhammad. We have killed Charlie Hebdo," Islamic terrorists shouted.

Later it became known that one of the suspects turned himself in to the law enforcement agency, but it turned out he had an alibi.