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Terror attack in Paris: one suspect turns himself in to police having alibi

Terror attack in Paris has shocked European society. Police continues to search Islamic terrorists who committed a massacre in the streets of the French capital.

The terror attack in Paris remains the main topic of the French press. On Thursday night, the youngest of three suspects in yesterday's massacre in Paris, 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad voluntarily turned himself in to police in the town of Charleville, in the north of France, Le Figaro reports.

According to friends of the detainee, Mourad Hamyd came to the police after he saw his name on the list of suspects in social network.

He said that he had an alibi, which was confirmed after checking – on Wednesday he was in the classroom at the institute. Until the end of additional data validation the man will be detained.

In addition, tonight the French television channel BMF TV showed the speech of Mourad's friend, who was with him in the evening. "We were shocked … obviously, he could not be in Paris, and he decided to go to the police," he said. It is to be noted that Charleville is located a few hundred kilometers from Paris.

Now the search for the other two suspects, brothers Sherif and Said Kouachi whose photos are already published, continues.

Late at night, the police stormed the premises in Reims, where the terrorists could be, but the brothers were not found.

French media also reports that police arrested several people who might be indirectly involved in the yesterday's events in Paris.

It is to be recalled that yesterday the police in Paris said they were searching for three Islamic terrorists who killed journalists of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.