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UN Security Council to meet again because of Ukraine

Lithuania and the United Kingdom have initiated the meeting. The delegations of these countries insist that the UN Security Council meet again because of the situation in Ukraine.

UN Security Council to meet again because of Ukraine

The fact that the UN Security Council may consider the situation in Ukraine was reported on the official Twitter of the United Nations. The report states that this is the initiative of two countries – Lithuania and the UK. It is London and Vilnius who are the most consistent supporters of Kiev and opponents of Moscow.

Thus, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite has officially ignored Vladimir Putin's invitation to come to Moscow to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory over Germany. At the same time, Vilnius openly calls to strengthen the border, indicating that Moscow is the main aggressor in the modern world.

In the UK, the Prime Minister of the country James Cameron not only proposed to ban imports of Russian weapons to the EU, but also accused the Kremlin of Boeing 777 crash over the Donbas.

Therefore, it may be expected that the new meeting of the UN Security Council will be successful for Ukraine, and the fact of continued aggression from the Kremlin, as well as new sanctions against Moscow will be supported. Last time the UN Security Council considered the Ukrainian issue in mid-December, it has not significantly changed the situation.