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Navalny cuts off electronic bracelet

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has refused to obey the rules of house arrest.

Navalny cuts off electronic bracelet

In his blog Navalny notes that in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code of Russia, such a measure of restraint shall not be used against him, as the court has handed down his sentence, and he does not have to serve his sentence in the places of detention.

Also, according to Navalny, he has not yet received a copy of the court's decision, which in accordance with the law, should have been given to him within five days. That is why the attorneys can not appeal the sentence, handed down to the politician.

"People keep asking me, have you already appealed? When the appeal will be heard? What appeal? I don't have the text of the sentence and I have nothing to appeal. This is s stroke of genius Putin's "justice"," Navalny wrote in his blog.

"It is silly to boast it, but I'm the only one man sitting under house arrest after imposition of the sentence in the history of the Russian courts. Article 107 of the Criminal Procedure Code clearly says that such a preventive measure applies only to suspects and accused persons," he added.

In addition, Navalny posted a photo of the cut electronic bracelet and said he has no plans to go anywhere, and is going to move only from his home to the office, and plans to spend leisure time with his family.

"I refuse to comply with this illegal detention under house arrest," Navalny summed up, noting that "with some effort the bracelet was cut off with the help of kitchen scissors."

It is to be recalled that the Navalny brothers were found guilty of embezzlement of Yves Rocher by the Zamoskvoretsky court in Moscow on December 30. As a result, Alexei Navalny got 3.5 years suspended sentence.