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President Putin should attend G8 Summit – Vice-Chancellor of Germany says

If President Putin takes part in the next summit of the leading countries of the world, the conflict in Donbas will be more likely to be resolved, Sigmar Gabriel, Vice-Chancellor of Germany says.

Sigmar Gabriel

In Germany, the number of politicians critically assessing sanctions against Russia have increased. It is evidenced by statements of the Vice-Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel, who notes that Germany and Europe are not interested in economic and political destabilization of Russia, and isolation of Russia as an international partner is a serious danger for the whole world.

"The sanctions imposed earlier were aimed to return Russia to the negotiating table," Contra Magazin quotes Vice-Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel. According to him, the anti-Russian policy is not in the interests of Europe and Germany.

"Those who want to further destabilize Russia in economic and political terms, pursue quite different interests. Some of them are in Europe, the others are in the U.S., and they want to have their old rival superpower floored. It is not in the German and European interests. We want to help to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, and not to put Russia on its knees," the German politician said.

Gabriel believes that the isolation of the Kremlin can lead to serious consequences. "If Russia fails permanently as a partner, for example, in Iraq in the fight against Isis, Syria in efforts to end the civil war, Iran in negotiations over its nuclear program, the situation for the whole world is extremely dangerous," the politician said.

According to the author Marco Maier, Gabriel, the second in command in Germany after Angela Merkel, has probably realized that Russia is an important partner for the stabilization of the Middle East.

Vice-Chancellor of Germany also expressed his desire that Russian President Vladimir Putin attend the G8 Summit in Germany in 2015. Gabriel believes that the meeting of eight economically strongest states could contribute to the resolution of the military conflict in Ukraine.

According to Maier, the Germans have skeptically considered the sanctions against Russia. While Angela Merkel and the CDU are still uncompromising, the Social Democrats are becoming more and more critical. The oppositionists are also divided on this issue. Thus, the Greens believe that it is necessary to continue the confrontation, while The Left Party supports pro-Russian views, Contra Magazin author writes.