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Nadiya Savchenko goes on hunger strike in Moscow jail

The next meeting the Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko can have with her attorneys will take place only after the New Year holidays ending in Russia on January 11.

The pilot and Ukrainian deputy Nadiya Savchenko have been on a hunger strike for four consecutive weeks in the Moscow pretrial detention facility. The attorneys of the Ukrainian prisoner of war say her condition is satisfactory, but due to long Christmas holidays in Russia they will not be able to meet with their client until January 12. However, recently the media reported that Russian human rights activists intended to visit Savchenko in the jail.

The next meeting of Savchenko and her attorneys will be held only after the New Year holidays which in Russia end January 11. According to Mark Feygin, one of the attorneys of the Ukrainian pilot, this situation is common to all Russian prisons and detention centers, so there is no any special treatment for Nadiya Savchenko.

"December 31 was actually the last day we saw her, and until January 12, the first working day of the year, all the prisons and detention centers in the Russian prison system are closed for visitors and deliveries. Therefore, there is no specific attitude to Savchenko. This is a common situation; it always exists due to such long holidays. Of course it is very bad because of her hunger strike," the attorney said.

Despite the fact that the meetings with attorneys during the New Year holidays are excluded, the Russian prisoners are visited by the members of the public monitoring committee. A member of the Moscow committee, journalist and human rights activist Zoya Svetova announced the intention of her colleague Anna Karetnikova to visit Nadiya Savchenko in the coming days.

"I think that January 5 and 6 all the predetention centers work. Anyway, they take deliveries. I do not know whether attorneys can go there, but the members of the public monitoring committees go to jails and the colonies during the holidays. And we can go there too. I know that Anna Karetnikova is going to the jail