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Russia to laminate the ruble

Vladimir Churov, the head of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation has come up with a very original way of strengthening the Russian currency. The ruble will be laminated.

Russia to laminate the ruble

Churov has made such a proposal during the New Year's meeting held for the heads of the regional election commissions.

"I know how to strengthen the ruble – it has to be laminated," Churov said.

The festive event was attended by the members of the CEC and the representatives of the Russian political forces. Churov has visited the festival accompanied by his dog – Yorkshire Terrier Foby.

"It's a dog and a sheep (as a symbol of the coming year). This is the best pet for me," the chairman of the CEC said.

It is to be recalled that the collapse of the ruble has reached the record point in December 2014. Earlier, the State Duma proposed another unusual option for stabilization of the Russian currency. The government decided to stop the huge inflation and devaluation of the Russian currency by replacing the ruble with another currency. According to deputies, it will solve the economic problems of the Russian Federation.