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Russian moneybags “treat themselves” from crisis in Courchevel

So far, the fashionable French resort Courchevel is not preparing for the fact that the number of Russian tourists will fall due to the crisis in Russia

Russian moneybags "treat themselves" from crisis in Courchevel

Despite the new sanctions against Russia and the ruble fall, rich Russians will always find money to have a rest and, as before, the flow of Russian moneybags in Courchevel has not decreased, Le Parisien reports.

"People who usually come to us, have a huge amount of money. Of course, they have lost a lot because of this crisis, but even if due to the depreciation of the ruble by 50% the cost of their stay was doubled, they would still have enough money to come on vacation," an employee of a luxury hotel said.

According to the newspaper, no reservation in the hotels in Courchevel made by the Russian clients has been canceled.

The only thing has changed this year now the clients from Russia are paying more attention to price tags, the hotel workers say.

In general, according to Jean-Marc Silva, director of France Montagne, which unites all the French resorts, the number of tourists from the Russian Federation may fall by 10%. But, according to Silva, it"s not a catastrophe, as it's the representatives of middle class who may not come. And all the rich people who love and got used to the holiday in Courchevel will come this year.