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2015 to be the year of Ukraine’s victory over naked king Putin

2015 should be marked by Ukraine"s victory over Russia and its naked king Putin.

2015 to be the year of Ukraine"s victory over naked king Putin

It is reported by Joinfo.ua with reference to an article of a French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy in Corriere della Sera, an Italian daily newspaper.

"A year has passed. Crimea is still occupied. Donbas does not cease fire. But the king Putin is naked. Miserable. His destroyed economy has led to the fact that in a moment he stopped impressing anyone. Even Russia begins to doubt the estimations of the former KGB agent, who does not seem to correspond to his mightiness. And while the Ukrainian Parliament is unanimously expressing the desire to join NATO, a double visit to Kyiv of two envoys of Eurasia, the presidents of Belarus and Kazakhstan, perhaps, means the end of his great imperial project …" the philosopher says.

"All we can do is to achieve our goal. First of all, to implement the Marshall Plan for Ukraine I spoke about a few months ago in Vienna. The wheel of fortune began to turn. We can not exclude the fact that 2015 may be the year of victory for Ukraine," the author says.

According to Levy, for today Poroshenko is a symbol man, who can be compared with Lech Walesa in Poland or Vaclav Havel in the Czech Republic.

"Let this small but glorious company of symbol people be added by the name of Poroshenko, the unknown man I found on the Maidan, then drove to Paris, and who became a political and military leader, a man who does not yield to Putin at the time when everyone or almost everyone bows to him," the author writes.

It is important that in 2014 Ukraine got rid of anti-Semitism, as on the Maidan, Orthodox Jews, Cossacks in hats and Ukrainian nationalists were standing together. "One of the invaluable advantages of this revolution was the historical placing of anti-Semitism outside of the law in Ukraine," the philosopher says.