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Nadiya Savchenko is Putin’s main mistake – expert says

Captured and forcibly kept in Russia the Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko is a personal prisoner of President Putin.

It is the opinion of the Slovak political figure Juraj Mesik.

"Ms. Savchenko was kidnapped and imprisoned only for political and psychological reasons," the expert said.

"The political aim is to intimidate the Ukrainians, especially the military: modern "guardsmen" were hoping to break her spirit and use her as emotional pressure on the Ukrainian people and leadership of the state," he said.

Moreover, Mesik notes that captured Savchenko is the main mistake the Kremlin's master.

"Putin has made a big mistake – Savchenko has not broken. On the contrary, she has shown her courage and determination in the confrontation with the brute power in Moscow, having inspired the Ukrainian patriots. So now she has become a personal prisoner of Putin," the political expert says.

Nadiya Savchenko. Photo: podrobnosti.ua

"But Putin has no other reasonable choice than to release Savchenko faster. Her further detention will lead to significantly greater negative consequences for Russia," Mesik said.

"Non-presence of Nadiya at the Parliamentary Assembly meeting of the Council of Europe will constantly remind the European parliamentarians about the true nature of Putin's Russia," the Slovak political scientist believes.

It is to be recalled that Nadiya Savchenko is a former officer of the Ukrainian army. In 2014, she was captured by pro-Russian insurgents in eastern Ukraine, handed over to Russia, and charged with the killing of two Russian journalists. So far, she remains a prisoner in Russia.

Ukrainian President Poroshenko emphasized that "Nadiya Savchenko is a symbol of struggle for Ukraine. While being in captivity she demonstrated true, strong, martial Ukrainian spirit of a serviceman who does not betray Motherland."