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Putin is against Latin script

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls on his subjects to take care of the main wealth of the Russian Federation

Putin is against Latin script

The head of the Kremlin is concerned about excessive latinization of the Russian language.

"Now I draw attention of the regional leaders – sometimes you come into one city or another and the level of local officials' culture is immediately evident – on each corner we see the names of various agencies and advertisements presented exclusively in Latin letters! Where do we live? Too much water drowned the miller," Putin said.

However, Putin reacted to the suggestion to replace all the foreign words with Russian analogues without much enthusiasm.

"There are some well-established things," the president said. According to him, the language should be treated "more serious."

It is to be recalled that in the middle of this fall the Russian authorities have introduced the bill, envisaging introduction of a special levy for the use of Latin letters and foreign languages for the names of goods in advertising. This requirement applies to all entrepreneurs and companies registered in the Russian Federation.

The Russian Democratic Party was defending the purity of the Russian language the most. They took the initiative to fine up to $ 50 thousand rubles for the use of foreign words in the event that they have Russian analogues. The Committee on Culture liked the proposal, but the initiative was rejected in the first reading.