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Putin to conduct “revolution” in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to set up some kind of revolution imitation in Russia to hand over the power to his "oppositionist".

Putin to conduct "revolution" in Russia

This idea was announced by the Russian oppositional politician Konstantin Borovoy.

According to Borovoy, Alexei Navalny or Alexei Kudrin could play the role of Putin's "successor" in this play.

Alexei Navalny

"There is no doubt that in the near future Putin and his entourage will start a raid, simulating both democratic and revolutionary changes. It can be some imitation of revolution under the leadership of Navalny or another indirect appointee of the Kremlin. There is a high probability of Kudrin being involved," Borovoy believes.

Borovoy once again mentioned all Putin's "special operations", held during his tenure as President of the Russian Federation.

"The first and the largest operation connected with Putin coming to power was based on blackmailing the society including houses bombings and the Chechen war, when Basayev has been provoked to protect some small Dagestani village. It was followed by the special operation "Oligarch" – Khodorkovsky was arrested, Gusinsky and Berezovsky were removed from the TV channels belonging to them. Then – special operations connected with the assignment of property of aluminium assets, oil, and gas, which took 5-7 years. In fact, it was the transformation of Putin's inner circle into the group of oligarchs. Later there was a special operation to cooperate with the West, to create powerful information propaganda in Russia and abroad, when the Russia Today channel appeared.

"Making Medvedev a decorative president was another special operation like a potential transformation of Alexei Kudrin into the oppositional leader. But it will be more difficult than before," Borovoy says.

Previously, we reported that in the article for The Washington Post Mike Bradshaw, a professor of global energy at the Warwick Business School in the UK noted that President Putin has not considered the main thing – the possibility of traditional Kremlin coup.