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92 die due to cold in India

Usually, in winter the temperature in northern India does not fall below 4 degrees, but last night it dropped to the record point - 1.8 degrees.

92 die due to cold in India

Over the past few days, including last night at least 92 people died from hypothermia in the northern part of India because of the region's unusually low temperatures. According to local authorities, in many regions of the country the temperature minimum has broken the records of the previous years.

The highest death rate due to the cold is registered in Uttar Pradesh, one of the most densely populated and under-developed states in the north. As a rule, in winter the temperature does not fall below 4 degrees here, but last night it dropped to the record point – 1.8 degrees. In general, the maximum temperature in most areas is 4-10 degrees below normal, the minimum temperature – 3-5 degrees below normal.

The state government has already allocated more than 10.6 million rupees (about 170 thousand dollars) for temporary housing, fuel and blankets for homeless. Also there was opened many night shelters.

Along with the severe cold weather India is suffering thick fog. It has already disturbed the road, rail and air traffic. In particular, in New Delhi on Wednesday there were delayed or postponed more than 150 flights and 100 long-distance trains. In Lucknow, the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh, more than 150 trains were also delayed for 10-12 hours due to fog.

Because of the low visibility on the roads every day there is a lot of accidents with dozens of casualties. On Wednesday, more than 30 cars collided on the highway (Yamuna Expressway). In the accident five people were killed, more than 10 people were injured.

According to meteorologists, in the coming days the weather is not expected to improve.

It is to be recalled that the Indian long-liver claims he is 179. The old man says that his grandchildren died long ago, but death can not reach him.