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Putin may be opposed by his own entourage because of problems in Russian economy

Economic situation in Russia may set up Putin"s entourage against him. The current Russian regime may be at risk due to the economic crisis.

The Russian leader laughed at the question of journalists about whether President Putin was afraid of "palace coups d'état". However, economic problems in the country can cause political division of the Kremlin elite. Earlier Moscow used radicals against Ukraine in Donbas, but now they will be able to take on all the "dirty work" for regime change in Russia, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to The Guardian.

Those who suffered from the sanctions in Russia can assure the public that their troubles are a small price to pay for "Great Russia". However, in reality personal opinion of the elites may differ from those words they tell the public. Even those who are in ideological tandem with the Russian president may reconsider their loyalty to him.

At the same time the foreign press notes that at this stage there are no signs that could indicate that the entourage of the Russian President in the Kremlin is preparing a coup. It is explained by the fact that it is impossible to painlessly remove the political elite without provoking a collapse of the entire political system in Russia.

Radical nationalists, who had previously been used by the Russian government against Ukraine in Donbas, are another potential threat to the regime of President Putin. According to the publication, some leaders of the militants are already dreaming of the revolution in Russia, which will be held by analogy to the Ukrainian Maidan.