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Unknown kills 8 children in Australia

In Manoore (Queensland, Australia), the unknown killed eight children. At the scene the law enforcement officers found the bodies of children with stab wounds, as well as 34-year-old woman, who was taken to hospital with a wound in the chest.

Unknown kills 8 children in Australia

According to the cousin of the dead children, the youngest was 18 months old, the oldest one – 15 years old. The injured woman is the mother of murdered children. Now she is in the hospital, doctors describe her condition as stable.

So far, the reasons for the horrific murder are not reported. According to investigators, children were killed with knives. The older brother, who came to visit the family on Friday morning, found the bodies.

According to Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister, this terrible tragedy is "unspeakable crime".

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. former military killed six relatives. Among the dead there was his wife. According to neighbors, the couple often quarreled over child custody.