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Two humanitarian convoys from Poland enter Ukraine

The first convoy is for immigrants from the east, the second one is for military in Donbas.

Two humanitarian convoys from Poland enter Ukraine

The Polish authorities have organized two humanitarian convoys to Ukraine – the first one is for peaceful refugees, and the second special convoy contains military aid for the east. 150 tons of humanitarian aid for displaced civilians are collected by the Polish authorities, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to foreign press.

The charity organizations Polish Red Cross, Caritas and the Polish Centre for International Aid have contributed to the preparation of the cargo. Yesterday the humanitarian convoy consisting of 33 fire trucks went to the east.

The head of the Polish government Eva Kopacz, who has sent the convoy, stressed that it is about the expression of solidarity with the people of Ukraine, because after December 13, 1981 Poles received support from the West. Today the second convoy, the military one prepared especially for soldiers fighting with the separatists will be sent to eastern Ukraine, said Eva Kopacz.

The convoy has been organized by the Ministry of National Defense of Poland. It contains, in particular, backpacks, warm clothes and heaters. The trucks for the peaceful refugees include in the first place, food, warm clothes, food, and hygiene products for children, heaters and equipment for living. According to the Ukrainian authorities, in the east of Ukraine at least half a million peaceful people affected by the conflict need this aid.