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Taliban, who seized Pakistani school, shot 140 children

As reported by foreign media, apart from 140 children killed, another 150 people are in serious condition due to injuries. Pakistani authorities have called the attack on the school a national tragedy.

Taliban, who seized Pakistani school, shot 140 children

According to foreign media, the Taliban, who seized the school in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, shot more than 140 pupils and wounded 150 children and adults. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif sys it is a national tragedy and terrorists will not be unpunished, Joinfo.ua reports with reference to Reuters.

The authorities of Pakistan and Afghanistan have already discussed the tragedy, and agreed on joint fight against the terrorists.

According to foreign media, the school where the tragedy occurred is not a military one, but it is supported by the Pakistan Army. Among the pupils there is military brat. But in general ordinary children study there.

When Pakistan"s army and police arrived at the school, the militants have already managed to undermine the building and take hostages. The assault took several hours. In the school there could be heard shooting and explosions. After some time, Special Forces killed four militants, but the terrorists killed another 80 people. Wounded and dead were taken to the hospital.

After the assault, it became clear that the terrorists used large-caliber weapons indiscriminately – for both adults and children. They shot people in heads.

After six-hour standoff three militants who left in the school blew themselves up.

The total number of dead to be confirmed, but it is at least 140 children and dozens of adults.

It is to be recalled that militants who seized the school, said that students were shot in retaliation for the Taliban killed.