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Hungarians protest against Orban’s pro-Russian government

Thousands of people take to the streets to protest in Hungary.

Hungarians protest against Orban"s pro-Russian government

A crowd of thousands of people gathered in front of the Hungarian Parliament to protest against the pro-Russian government of Viktor Orban, joinfo.ua reports.

The protesters took to the streets to protest against corruption, social benefit cuts and measures of economizing, introduced by the government.

The last two months in Hungary were marked by constant people's discontent of the authorities' policy. The activity of the MP Viktor Orban gives rise to the constant criticism of the Hungarians, who regularly come to the protests. In particular, the most crowded meetings took place after unsuccessful attempt to impose a tax on the Internet. Among other measures the population does not approve, but the authorities is planning to implement anyway there is a prohibition for shops to work on Sundays, as well as expanding the network of toll roads. Also people are not satisfied with Orban's course for further rapprochement with Russia. The protests are also provoked by ostentatiously luxurious life of the officials, which is possible only in conditions of rampant corruption, the Hungarians believe.

Previously, it was reported that Prime Minister of Hungary sees Ukraine not as an EU member but a buffer with Russia.